Speakerin & Mediencoach für Bilder und Bildsprache

Kommunikationskongress 2021 | Foto: Laurin Schmid
Kommunikationskongress 2021 | Foto: Laurin Schmid
Anne bei Pro7 taff als Expertin zur Bundestagswahl 2021
Anne bei Pro7 taff als Expertin zur Bundestagswahl 2021

Vortragssprachen: Deutsch und Englisch, beide muttersprachlich

With years of experience in the photography and graphic design industries, Anne has honed her skills in visual storytelling and has a unique understanding of how to capture images that resonate with audiences. Her expertise extends beyond just taking unique portrait photos, as she has a deep knowledge of the role that visual language plays in shaping public perception, and can offer invaluable insights into how to create compelling visuals that make a lasting impact.

 Topics that Anne covers include:

  • The power of visual language and how it impacts our perceptions of the world around us
  • The art and science of creating modern portrait photos that capture the essence of a person or brand
  • The key elements of successful visual branding and how to use them to create effective marketing campaigns
  • The role of visuals in shaping political discourse and influencing public opinion

Whether you are planning a conference, workshop, or corporate event, Anne is the perfect choice to engage and inspire your audience. Her talks are not only informative and insightful, but also highly entertaining, leaving attendees feeling energized and motivated to put their newfound knowledge into practice.